Celebrity Gardeners: Julian Clary’s garden

BBC Read More Millions of sex-mad cannibalistic spiders are entering our homes – but it’s a good thing And to celebrate the evergreen broadcast, even The Queen has now given it a thumbs up, recording a special segment to be broadcast from the Frogmore Estate, a acre royal retreat near Windsor Castle on Friday at 3pm and repeated Sunday at 2pm. Here panelist and presenter, gardener Matthew Biggs — a veteran of the show for 15 years – answers some of the most popular questions from across the decades What do I grow in dry shade? And we are hearing this frequently now from people in inner cities who increasingly want to grow in small courtyard spaces. How do I make good compost? All waste can be used to make compost Image: Getty We have always been asked this, but even more nowadays as more people get interested in recycling.

Celebrity gardeners back Birkby allotment-holders plotting to save their site

Gardeners urged to stop using peat-based compost Extraction releases huge amounts of CO2 into atmosphere Tuesday 9 March Ministers hope that Diarmuid Gavin will help them convince gardeners to stop using peat, which is present in almost half of all compost sold by garden centres. Yesterday the Environment Secretary Hilary Benn announced a new target to phase out the use of peat compost in amateur gardens by but shied away from imposing a ban, provoking criticism from members of wildlife groups who said that ministers should have taken stronger action years ago.

In the Government aimed to eliminate peat from all but 10 per cent of compost by , but it is still present in 46 per cent of the compost sold in Britain. Its extraction in the UK not only disturbs rare wildlife but also releases an estimated million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year.

How do I grow strawberries?

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Gardeners using coffee granules to deter slugs breaking EU law – RHS

Agri fab produce tools and attachments to make the most of your garden. To find your nearest Al-ko lawnmower dealer use the form at the top of this page Allen Lawn Mowers Allen lawn mowers are a sub division of Hayter has been synonymous with British grass cutting for over half a century. As a pioneer of the rotary lawnmower, the company has become a household name with both the serious gardener and the commercial user. To find your nearest Allen lawnmower dealer use the form at the top of this page Allett ALLETT offers a wide range of cylinder mowers and associated products for professional and residential users.

Alpina Alpina is a European brand with a long tradition in the garden and agricultural market in Europe selling handheld powered garden tools.

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These gardens were large enclosed parks where the kings and nobles hunted game, or where fruit and vegetables were grown. Early inscriptions from this period, carved on tortoise shells, have three Chinese characters for garden, you, pu and yuan. You was a royal garden where birds and animals were kept, while pu was a garden for plants. During the Qin Dynasty — BC , yuan became the character for all gardens.

The park was described in the Shijing Classic of Poetry this way: The Emperor makes his promenade in the Park of the Spirit, The deer are kneeling on the grass, feeding their fawns, The deer are beautiful and resplendent. The immaculate cranes have plumes of a brilliant white. The Emperor makes his promenade to the Pond of the Spirit, The water is full of fish, who wriggle.

It was composed of an earth terrace, or tai, which served as an observation platform in the center of a large square park. It was described in one of the early classics of Chinese literature, the Records of the Grand Historian Shiji. A large pool, big enough for several small boats, was constructed on the palace grounds, with inner linings of polished oval shaped stones from the sea shores.

The pool was then filled with wine. A small island was constructed in the middle of the pool, where trees were planted, which had skewers of roasted meat hanging from their branches. King Zhou and his friends and concubines drifted in their boats, drinking the wine with their hands and eating the roasted meat from the trees.

Celebrity Gardeners: Julian Clary’s garden

As they congregate to devour the citrus fruit, put it on a bird table, where the birds will happily eat the ants. Trusty rusty nail trick Iron-loving plants, such as rhododendrons, camellias, blueberries or cranberries, will thrive if you water them with a solution that has had nails sitting in it for while. Just remember to remove the nails first. Save your tomatoes Hang brightly-coloured ornaments — such as red Christmas baubles — on tomato plants early in the season.

They will frighten birds away and so stop them from pecking holes in the fruits.

To find your nearest Simplicity lawnmower dealer use the form at the top of this page Snapper Lawn Mowers Snapper manufacture easy to use lawnmowers and garden equipment for use in your garden at home.

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Diluted with water, it works as a great fertiliser and anti-fungal agent, containing proteins, vitamin B and sugars that improve crop-yield and overall health.

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The water reflects the sky, and therefore is constantly changing, but even a gentle wind can soften or erase the reflections.

Gardener’s Question Time – November 11th – Episode One

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