‘Game of Thrones’ Incest: Why It’s OK That You’re OK With Jon Snow and Daenerys’s Relationship

And I don’t really care about the stigma probably as much as I should. Don’t even try to say you don’t feel the same. All of us watching the Jon and Daenerys scene even though it was incest. Do not continue reading unless you’ve seen the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale. And if you haven’t watched the episode yet, then what the hell are you doing trolling the internet? Please pause, watch immediately, then kindly return to this article. Though, my excitement over their excitement was dampened by the fact that the sex scene was intercut with scenes of Bran and Sam’s revelation that Jon Snow is actually not Jon Snow at all but Aegon Targaryen. I mean, I already knew that thanks to Gilly, but whatevs Sam.

Daenerys, Sansa, Cersei, Jon from Game Of Thrones are just as CRAZY off the sets! Here’s proof!

Spoilers leaked by Watchers On The Wall, a fan site known for its accurate spoilers, have suggested that the pair do enjoy a tryst in the later part of the next season. It doesn’t get off to the best start as Jon refuses to bend the knee to Dany, as this would mean he gives up his title of King in The North, but they end up with a sort of allegiance as they come together to fight the White Walkers.

Will the Seven Kingdoms realise the real danger that lies ahead? Their allegiance apparently sees Jon show an undead wight, a member of the White Walkers’ army, to prove that all of the Seven Kingdoms need to come together to fight the Night King.

But if you’ve known somebody for seven years and shared this incredible journey in your own lives together … we’re both kind of freaking out about it.

Watch ‘Game of Thrones’? Not for all the money in the Iron Bank Oh, lawd. Over the years, Game of Thrones has spawned many a beauty trend, from waterfall braids to man buns. What was your inspiration? What is it made of? How long did this process take? In Season Seven, she has really moved into a sort of warrior mode. Her costumes have been practical, she has begun to embrace — albeit subtlety — her house colors [Targaryen colors are red and black].

Are Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke Dating?

And they better be. This time we got the most-anticipated meeting of the entire series with Dany and Jon finally coming face to face and we also saw another major character death. But this episode gets some bonus points because it was actually pretty funny. Now to what happened. Those were simpler times. Jon and Davos hand over their weapons, Davos tries to make small talk with Missandei while Jon and Tyrion do the same on their trek to the castle.

Fans on social media couldn’t contain their excitement.

Jon Snow shows emotions, but I don’t feel any! HBO This whole post is full of spoilers for the latest season of Game of Thrones , so please turn away if you are the kind of person who is bothered by that. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire have long suspected: Nonetheless, there is a difference between a widely believed theory and a confirmed one, and the latter is what we now seem to have.

Within the fiction itself, meanwhile, this revelation significantly changes our understanding of several different aspects of the story. For one, it establishes Jon as a potentially legitimate claimant to the Iron Throne. It also establishes a Targaryen heritage for Jon, which may let him wield dragons or fire immunity in whatever action is to come in future episodes. Jon Arryn, lord of the Vale, has served for years as hand of the king but is now dead, and King Robert is asking his old friend Ned Stark to take over for him while Viserys Targaryen lives in exile, dreaming of retaking a throne that is rightfully his.

The history of this rebellion has been taught to us by the winners, and it goes like this: Aerys then demanded that Arryn hand Ned and Robert over to him. House Lannister joined at the last minute.

‘Game Of Thrones’ Cast React To Jon And Daenerys’ Intimate Moment

After an explosive opening episode, HBO bosses have released a teaser trailer of what’s to come this series. As it opens, Daenerys Targaryen can be heard saying: It’s she who currently sits on the Iron Throne, but she herself is worried about the looming threat the Mother of Dragons poses.

Rhaegar Targaryen In his youth, Rhaegar Targaryen and Maester Aemon thought Rhaegar was the Prince that was Promised, as Rhaegar was born during the Tragedy at Summerhall , amidst the smoke of the burning castle, with the salt coming from the tears shed for those who had died.

They are a mad, fun crazy bunch! By karthika raveendran Updated: April 23, 4: But truth be told, they are crazy people even off the sets. Of course, there a very different side to them off screen but they are so goofy that you are going to have good laugh. In fact, you might not see the characters the same way after these revelations. Some of them are so funny and weird that we were left too surprised.

‘Game of Thrones’ gives fans a meeting two decades in the making

So every week, The Verge will be diving into a scene or event from the latest installment of the series and explain how we got here. Spoilers ahead for Game of Thrones season 7, episode 4 The Long Night Along with the massive mountain of dragonglass Sam discovered at the Citadel, Jon Snow found carvings from thousands of years ago, dating back to The Long Night, an era of Westerosi pre-history that took place approximately 6, to 8, years before Aegon and his dragons showed up in Westeros to rule the Seven Kingdoms.

Most of what we know about The Long Night comes from stories told to characters in the books and show.

The enormous beast sank into the icy water after plunging from the sky The dragon queen looked devastated as she looked back to see Jon Snow seemingly get dragged to his doom by some marauding zombies.

After a long summer, when the stars bleed and the cold breath of darkness falls heavy on the world[ citation needed ] Variant: When the red star bleeds and the darkness gathers[ citation needed ] He shall be born again amidst smoke and salt[ citation needed ] He shall wake dragons out of stone[ citation needed ] He shall draw from the fire a burning sword, Lightbringer[ citation needed ] If Azor Ahai is the same as the prince that was promised: He is born of the line of Aerys II and Rhaella , according to the woods witch His is the song of ice and fire , according to Rhaegar Targaryen [ citation needed ] According to Maester Aemon , the word used to describe the prince in the prophecy was a gender-neutral word.

While all assumed that the prince must be male, Aemon recently came to believe the prophecy could point to a female as well. Azor Ahai was born amidst smoke and salt Azor Ahai will make the world anew Azor Ahai will triumph over darkness will bring a summer that will never end Death itself will bend its knee, and all those who die fighting in Azor Ahai’s cause shall be reborn Stannis Baratheon According to Melisandre , Stannis is Azor Ahai reborn. Stannis wields a magic sword that was forged by plunging a blade through a burning statue of the Maiden at the sept at Dragonstone.

This ceremony is meant to be his ‘rebirth’ as Azor Ahai. The burning statues of the Seven provide the smoke and the waves on the shores of Dragonstone provide the salt. Stannis’ paternal grandmother was Rhaelle Targaryen , meaning that he has the Blood of the Dragon, which may or may not be a prerequisite. However, Stannis wasn’t born from the line of Mad Aerys and Rhaella. Maester Aemon also remarks that Stannis’s sword, while shining brilliantly thanks to Melisandre’s magic, gives off no heat and so could not possibly be Lightbringer.

Everyone’s Waiting For Jon & Daenerys To Form An Alliance. Here Are The Pros & Cons If It Happens

After seemingly uniting the Houses together to fight against the army of the dead, Fire finally laid with Ice. The Dragon danced with the wolf. Daenerys Targaryen climbed Mt. Not as glorious, however, when considering that Westeros’ hottest love scene played out while fans were reminded that the two characters are actually aunt and nephew! Though fans may have made peace with the fact that Jon and Dany are secretly related, the characters have a lot to be nauseated about.

At least, that’s what Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington teased would be the response after the Targaryen truth bomb gets dropped in season eight.

When Rose moved into his house, Harington said he told her that she could make any changes she wanted, because the home was now just as much hers as it was his.

Aug 27, at 8: Fans absolutely love knowing that Ygritte and Jon found their happy ending in real life. And Harington and Leslie are absolutely adorable together. A rumor was circulating about a month ago that Harington and Leslie, both 30, had gotten engaged. They even went into details about what their wedding would be like. But Harington and Rose are still very much in love. They started dating in but tried to keep it a secret until they finally went public in

It Looks Like Jon Snow And Ygritte Are Dating In Real Life Again

For his part, Harington had to interact with a green foam dragon snout and use his imagination, along with a rough animated version, to figure out how he was meant to react at any given point. So not only are Daenerys and Jon having two separate experiences, but so were the actors. Luckily, as we know by now, the meeting ended on a positive note, with Drogon allowing Jon to lay his hand on the snout.

HBO Sansa stands by her brother’s side Image:

They’ve even been framed in almost identical shots: But the constant similarities and, dare I say it, compatibility between the pair continues to suggest an impending wedding. It may only be a matter of time before they’re both enjoying long, romantic dragon rides over the battlefield. So will Daenerys and Jon get married? Let’s take a look at the evidence: They’re Both Single And Ready To Mingle Jon and Daenerys have both lost people they were in love with; an experience which might have turned them off romance entirely.

No one could ever compare to Khal Drogo or Ygritte.

Daenerys and Jon Snow – got7 – Plan For Winterfell – Fight The Night King and Army of the Dead

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