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I was snorkeling the lagoon when I spotted a shoal of fish maybe 16 of ’em nearby. Black, and about the shape and size of a medium bluegill. Red eyes, as I remember. We were about 10 yards apart when they spotted me. To my surprise, a delegation of perhaps 4 fish separated from the rest and headed in my direction. Apparently drawing straws, then sent a single ambassador to check me out. Paralyzed by how crazy this was, I watched as the fish came within 3 feet of me and then, to my shock, quickly fluttered to my face and pecked my mask, then scooted rapidly back to his fellows. Then he did the same thing a second time!

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Here’s direct link to the Cal Star Deckhand Series great match any reel above. Yellowtail are the most popular targeted fish year-round for San Diego anglers also known as jack and close cousin of the Amberjack. This article contains Yellowtail fishing tips and how-to’s for this incredible fish species I have put together from my decades of fishing and working sportfishing boats all over San Diego, Baja, Mexico and Hawaii.

My goal is to help anglers of all experience levels and ages land more Yellowtail. Yellowtail are a popular favorite target game fish for Southern California anglers.

You can always walk your bike up or down without a problem if you find it’s too steep to ride.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. But instead of driving out for the day, why not spend a few days at a beachfront campground? These two campgrounds are in scenic locations virtually side by side next to Route One, roughly 20 mile west of Santa Barbara. El Capitan Canyon is located in a hidden canyon filled with sycamores. It features luxurious park model cabins, furnished safari tents and yurts, which are modern versions of the types of the ancient shelters that were used by Central Asian nomads.

Yurts are circular structures with domed roofs. El Capitan Canyon has six fully furnished yurts, each of which can sleep four people.

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Corporate meeting space Playground Thanks to an influx of rainwater in early , the boat dock has reopened to the public. Beginning April 1, personal watercraft, fishing float tubes users must wear waders , canoes and kayaks are permitted at Lake Morena. Additionally, motorized boats can be rented for daily fishing and water activities. Swimming and direct-body contact are not allowed.

For further information, call the park at

You might miss the first 15 minutes of Act Two, but nothing ever happens in the first 15 minutes of Act Two.

Dust off that tent, pull out the sleeping bags, and get ready to have some fun as Southern California is the perfect place for a camping trip. Do yourself a favor and add Joshua Tree to your bucket list as it’s an incredible place to experience. There are several campgrounds within this national park, but Jumbo Rocks is the most popular destination as it’s centrally located and easy to explore the entire park from this spot.

Leo Carillo State Park and Beach in Malibu If you’re looking for the perfect balance of a woodsy camping area with nearby beach access, you will fall in love with the campground at Leo Carillo State Park in Malibu. There are 38 campsites available and they are all first come, first served so make sure to plan accordingly as these spots fill up quickly.

El Capitan Canyon in Santa Barbara For those of you who want more glamping than camping, this spot in Santa Barbara is exactly what you need. Accommodations include furnished canvas safari tents, yurts or rustic cabins nestled along El Capitan Creek.


Stairs lead down to the beach. And surprisingly, some of them are quite close to the attractions and things you want to see and do. These camping spots are in San Diego County, but not in or near the city.

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Streaming Crescendo is paid for by this site’s administration. Get your free version here! Today the Dalmatian serves as a fire house mascot, but back in the days of horse drawn fire carts, they provided a valuable service. Dalmatians and horses are very compatible, so the dogs were easily trained to run in front of the engines to help clear a path and guide the horses and the firefighters to the fires quickly.

They are still chosen by many fire fighters as pets in honor of their heroism in the past. They have been sentinels on the borders of their homeland of Dalmatia and Croatia during wars. They worked as shepherds, as draft dogs, as hound dogs, as hunting dogs, as retrievers and as preforming dogs. Dalmatians are not only intelligent, but they also have excellent memories.

Their speed, endurance and lack of a fear for horses, enabled them to become superb coach dogs for the horses and the engines. Dalmatians first known as “coach dogs” were first used in the 17th, 18th and 19th. Wealthy aristocrats sought out the unusal looking spotted dog for use with their coaches.

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You can find birds in some pretty odd places! As you become interested in seeing more birds, you soon realize you need to visit different habitats. You have to go find the birds — they are not going to come to you! Below we have listed of the top birding spots in North America. How many have you visited?

Make sure to sample regional wines at one of the street’s many tasting rooms.

It will also show how to prevent these problems. Modern TADs have been around well over a decade as excellent sources of anchorage from treatment planning to biomechanics. They have evolved in design and technique. This presentation will evaluate where we stand with their use and recognize current concepts that have been universally accepted. The treatment of patients with hyper-divergent skeletal patterns have been considered as one of the most difficult task for orthodontists.

With traditional mechanics, it was almost impossible to reduce vertical dimension during orthodontic treatment. Occlusal correction can be obtained but there was deterioration of facial harmony. The microimplants have brought tremendous paradigm shift in orthodontic treatment. Among those, the advances in vertical control are of a paramount importance. In openbite treatment, the intrusion of the posterior teeth is known as best treatment strategy.

The intrusion of the posterior teeth can produce the increase of the anterior overbite, and resulted in resolution of the anterior openbite. However, even though intrusion of the posterior teeth is obtained and anterior openbite is closed, the profile improvement is less than desirable occasionally in Hyperdivergent patients. In order to get better profile changes, vertical control should be done not only in the posterior teeth but also in the anterior teeth.

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Also There are no services on the trail until Chester so if you need a restroom go before you head out.

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One of the drivers, Willaim Moir from Engine Company wept as his horses were retired from service in

Only for runners or good mountain bikers September, by mystang52 I rode the entire length from Nyack to the end at Haverstraw on my hybrid bike. It became a quixotic quest once I started, but frankly it was not fun, and maybe dangerous. A couple of steep hills, but numerous other rolling hills. On the downhills easy to pick up speed too dangerous for the crushed gravel surface. I never spun out or fell, but I can see that one could easily do so. This was a scenic trail, but I was too busy white-knuckling to have the time ti take in the view!

However, with a mountain bike it is probably a decent challenging ride. I’m a runner also, and would enjoy running on the trail. But no more biking for me, here. Excellent trail but be aware June, by karensocialnetwork This is a great trail but please be aware that as of this posting there was no access at the southernmost trail head or at the River Road Entrance. I drove up to Monroe and entered there. At Monroe there is ample parking, a visible trailhead and the trail is paved at least as far as Goshen where I turned around.

Also There are no services on the trail until Chester so if you need a restroom go before you head out. Bring plenty of water as well, nothing till Chester.

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Indigenous peoples of California Pre-contact Acjachemen built cone-shaped huts made of willow branches covered with brush or mats made of tule leaves. Known as Kiichas or wikiups , the temporary shelters were utilized for sleeping or as refuge in cases of inclement weather. When a dwelling reached the end of its practical life it was simply burned, and a replacement erected in its place in about a day’s time.

The natives often ate acorns that they turned into soups, cakes and bread.

If you head to Sonoma, explore the various wineries of Sonoma Valley, also known as Valley of the Moon.

August, by plesorgen My wife and I did this trail on a weekday in August. We started in parking lot D, then rode north to the lighthouse, and then we turned around and continued to ride into Sea Bright. The trail was great, open, and pretty empty on a weekday. I would imagine it is packed on the weekends, especially in summer. It is flat, for the most part open, and there are rest rooms along the way.

We had lunch in Sea Bright, and then returned to our car. Overall, a very picturesque and relaxing ride.

Hook Mountain/Nyack Beach Bikeway

This provides some great fishing grounds for kayaker’s ‘yakers , private boaters and party boats based in San Diego. Even better the ride to the grounds is very short for most boats. Trips to the Kelp areas averages about min. Loma Sportfishing and Fisherman’s Landing, the Pt.

Horses are gregarious and feel the need for company.

Jan Board of Directors’ meeting SHBCC is now accepting membership applications for the season. The updated membership application is now posted to the website and can be downloaded here: Expect to receive a maximum of 4 text messages per month. Failure to do so will put your spot up for grabs at the February 24th in person sign up. Spots will NOT be assigned if money is owed to the club. Early sign-up will take place at the club for those wishing to select a different boat storage location.

Spot assignments begin Saturday at 8: Friday, February 23rd, , 7: A beach map of locations available will be posted on the Cathouse front door on Friday night at 7:

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