The secret lives of Japan’s geishas

I paused outside the door. When I knocked, the house fell silent. Then the door slid open and the moon-white face of a geisha appeared. As she bowed, I found myself gazing, transfixed by her hair — thick, lustrous, jet-black, pierced with long hair pins and tied with silk ribbons. The Japanese have 20 different words for rain. In the lobby, I removed my shoes and stepped barefoot across the threshold. Much of Kanazawa’s traditional architecture is intact, including the tea houses and inns of the floating world Credit: This content is subject to copyright.

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Shotokan Kata is often described as a set sequence of karate moves organised into a pre-arranged fight against imaginary opponents. The kata consists of kicks, punches, sweeps, strikes and blocks. Body movement in various kata includes stepping, twisting, turning, dropping to the ground, and jumping.

In dojo kumite any and all techniques, within reason, are valid; punches, knife hand strikes, headbutt, locks, takedowns, kicks, etc.

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Tsukiji Fish Market

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The sake was beginning to kick in.

The city of Longquan in the coastal Chinese province of Zhejian is known for its celadon pottery and the traditional firing technology that imparts its distinctive glaze. Compounded from violet-golden clay and a mixture of burnt feldspar, limestone, quartz and plant ash, the glaze is prepared from recipes that have often been handed down for generations by teachers or within families. The glaze is applied to a fired stoneware vessel, which is then fired again in a repeated cycle of six stages of heating and cooling where precise temperatures matter a great deal: The final product may take either of two styles: With its underlying jade-like green colour, celadon fired by the family-oriented businesses of Longquan is prized as masterwork-quality art that can also serve as household ware.

It is a proud symbol of the cultural heritage of the craftspeople, their city and the nation. With those in other prefectures the total of discovered kiln sites is over two hundred, making the Longquan celadon production area one of the largest historical ceramic centers in all of China. Longquan celadons thus were an important part of China’s export economy for over five-hundred years. From the twentieth century native and foreign enthusiasts and scholars have flocked to the kiln sites.

Among modern Chinese scholars themselves, the main kiln sites were first systematically investigated by Chen Wanli in and Thus began the Ming period tradition of dividing the best Longquan wares into Elder Brother and Younger Brother categories.

Dating Japanese Women, Explained

Kanazawa is located in the middle of the Japanese archipelago. Kanazawa College of Art embodies a blending of rich Japanese tradition dating back hundreds of years with harmonious natural surroundings. In the late 17th century, Kanazawa functioned as the capital of Kaga Han, which was the local government and exploited a policy of culture including various arts in order to avoid confrontation with the central government.

This history led to the foundation of culture in Kanazawa which flourishes even today.

Wares of this type are finished in ivory lustre with fine crackles.

The most famous of the area’s marine produce is pearls, notably Mikimoto in Toba City. Ise-Shima’s popularly is reinforced by its mild climate and its location, only about two hours by train from both Nagoya and Osaka. Note that the shima in Ise-Shima does not mean “island. Ise Shrine actually consists of two shrines: Naiku, which dates from the 3rd century, enshrines Amaterasu-Omikami, the sun goddess, the guardian of the nation and the protector of the Imperial family.

Geku, which dates from the 5th century, enshrines the Shinto goddess of clothing, food and housing – Toyouke Omikami. Both shrine precincts are set in ancient forests of giant cryptomeria trees sugi , with lakes, ponds and large stones much in evidence. The wooden buildings of the shrines are rebuilt every 20 years and re-consecrated in solemn nocturnal ceremonies.

The next rebuilding project is set for The wood is presently brought from the Kiso Valley in Nagano Prefecture , though a replanting project is underway in the forests around the shrines, so that one day the timber can once again be supplied locally. Naiku houses the sacred mirror of the Emperor, one of the three pieces of regalia of the Japanese Imperial family, the others being sacred jewels in the Imperial Palace in Tokyo and a sacred sword in Atsuta Shrine in Nagoya.

There is a free English language guide to both sites available at both shrines.

The secret lives of Japan’s geishas

While actually not exclusively a fish market Tsukiji also deals in fruit, vegetables and meat it is most famous for its fish. The frantic action at Tsukiji Fish Market begins around 5am and is winding down by mid morning. Tsukiji Fish Market, where the famous early morning 5. Namiyoke Inari Jinja Shrine Look for the Namiyoke Inari Jinja Shrine, a Shinto shrine built in to protect workers from rough seas during the reclamation project that created the Tsukiji area.

But in the back streets, a handful of geisha houses survive, keeping alive one of the more innocent arts of the floating world.

Photo by Lily Crossley-Baxter You could also visit the Zao Fox Village —a mountainside park where foxes live in the wild, but close enough to be seen and fed—with some cubs able to be held in spring. A popular day trip from Tokyo, you can catch the Shinkansen Yamabiko from Tokyo to Shiroishizao Station and then get a taxi to the village or the rare bus. You are only 15 minutes from Sendai on the same train line, so you can head back over to the main city after your trip in time for a beef-tongue dinner.

Watch this essential guide to getting around Tokyo’s busiest district. Wake up in time to catch the 8: You can explore the Omicho Market near the train station for fresh veg, street snacks and souvenirs before heading to see the most beautiful garden in all of Japan, Kenrokuen. Photo by Ajari used under CC Afterwards, hop onto the Loop bus and visit Higashi Chaya District with tea houses once frequented by geisha and now open to the public.

The store has a warehouse converted into a completely golden tea room, as well as souvenirs with gold leaf. Photo by Cotaro70s used under CC If you still have time, head to Ninjadera, a temple with deceptive defenses built for the Maeda Lords in the Edo period. With hidden tunnels, secret doors and staircases, traps and more, the guided tour shows them all. Stay overnight in Kanazawa, stroll through the older areas in the evening to enjoy the ambience.

Famed for their picturesque tilted roofs, the houses of Shirakawago are often photographed buried in snow but are equally picturesque in spring and autumn especially.


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