What is India’s caste system?

India banned caste-based discrimination in , but centuries-old biases persist, and lower-caste Dalits – once called ‘untouchables’ – are among the most marginalised communities in the country. The biases persist even when a person is educated, and even in India’s elite educational institutions, said Sujatha Gidla, whose parents were college professors and who herself studied at one of the country’s best known engineering colleges. Sujatha Gidla’s new book – Ants Among Elephants: An Untouchable Family and the Making of Modern India – has received critical praise ‘The untouchability problem is really a problem of land ownership,’ said Gidla, 53, speaking by phone from New York, where she lives. More than half India’s lower-caste population is landless. Landless Dalits are at the bottom of the age-old social hierarchy, making them vulnerable to discrimination and attacks by upper-caste Hindus, including recent ones by hardline ‘gau rakshak’ vigilantes who have lynched them on suspicion of eating beef or transporting cows, which they regard as sacred. Dalits were once barred from public places including temples and water taps frequented by higher-caste Hindus, and restricted to jobs considered dirty or dangerous such as manual scavenging and the disposal of animal carcasses.

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Mazal means “constellation” or “luck. Meirav Meirav means “to maximize. Menucha Menucha means “tranquility” in Hebrew. Michal Michal means “Who is like God?

Millat Nagar, he said, had no sewers or municipal piped water.

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Down the Drain

Not by coincidence, this was the very date of the birth anniversary of Mohandas Gandhi. Modi, in dramatic style, appeared before a battery of cameras to sweep the courtyard of a police station in a Dalit residential colony in central Delhi. Since the launch, Modi has put enormous effort into making the Swachh Bharat Mission a flagship programme of his rule. He also imposed a cess of 0.

Auguste Comte was the French scientist who gave sociology its name and promoted the scientific study of society.

Rahul Gandhi, the young dimpled leader of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty is the sole hope of the UPA to win the upcoming elections. However, the nation has absolutely no knowledge of his achievements, failures, political motivations and intentions and viewpoints on topics that truly concern India. Why is everything significant about our probably PM shrouded in mystery? We also know that he always dresses in pristine white kurtas, is very nice looking, has attractive dimples, wears earnest looking glasses and as successor to the Gandhi political legacy, is the great white hope pun unintended for the Congress Party.

About 9 years ago, he deigned to inform the press that he has is dating Veronique Cartelli, a Spanish architect who lives in Venezuela. These are the few facts about the man that are in the public space. Then there is a vast amount of scurrilous material circulating about him as well: Various website rants will also caution us that he is an Italian citizen and a sympathizer of all things anti-India.

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There are occasional exceptions. Brihadaranyaka Upanishad , composed about BCE, for example, in the last chapter detailing the education of a student, include lessons for his Grihastha stage of life. And if a man wishes that a learned son should be born to him, and that he should live his full age, then after having prepared boiled rice with meat and butter, they should both eat, being fit to have offspring.

Nationalism became the pre-eminent cause.

Monday 3 August Internet users trying to access the pages over the weekend have found that they are unavailable, apparently following a request from the Indian government. The bans also include adult dating sites and porn blogs, according to reports from people in India. A list of the banned sites includes Adult Friend Finder — a hugely-popular site to let people find sexual partners — and Fleshbot, a porn blog that writes about news as well as showing highly-explicit photos. The ban includes sites, according to local reports that cited telecoms companies.

The order to block the sites was received late on Friday and asked the bans to be put in place by today, Live Mint reported. So really porn is banned in India?

Girls’ Names

Tweet On Thursday, a year-old Mumbai woman took to Facebook to recount how she was flashed and masturbated at by a man on a local train. Worse, the woman claimed that when she called the railway helpline, the person at the other end laughed off the matter and hung up on her. Anyone reading the woman’s Facebook post will be horrified.

But can anyone claim to be surprised? After all, newspapers and websites are chock-full of female travellers telling similar harrowing tales. Here are just a few examples in this year alone:

However, due to the difference in the historical and social culture of India, the debate in favour of Indian women had to be conducted creatively and certain Western ideas had to be rejected.

What is special about the way sociologists approach topics? The subject matter of sociology is quite often invisible or not directly observable. However sociologists can observe the consequences of such social characteristics as group pressure, authority, prestige and culture. They then form images of these concepts using what C Wright Mills has called the sociological imagination taking into account the influence in order to view their own society as an outsider might.

What sort of questions do sociologists address? Sociologists want to understand:

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The report recognised the fact that in India, women were oppressed under a system of structural hierarchies and injustices. During this period, Indian feminists were influenced by the Western debates being conducted about violence against women. However, due to the difference in the historical and social culture of India, the debate in favour of Indian women had to be conducted creatively and certain Western ideas had to be rejected.

For example, the idea of women as “powerful” is accommodated into patriarchal culture through religion, [10] which has retained visibility in all sections of society.

Because sanitation is a state subject under the constitution, each of the remaining states had to pass its own resolution to enact the new law in its jurisdiction.

Er stellte klar, dass er die Lehre, Dhamma Pali bzw. Dabei sei die von ihm aufgezeigte Lehre nicht dogmatisch zu befolgen. Von den monotheistischen Religionen Judentum , Christentum , Islam unterscheidet der Buddhismus sich grundlegend. In deren Umfeld entstanden, wird er mitunter als eine Reformbewegung zu den vedischen Glaubenssystemen Indiens betrachtet. Dharma Dharma Sanskrit bzw. Dhamma Pali bezeichnet im Buddhismus im Wesentlichen zweierlei: Basis des Dharma sind die Vier edlen Wahrheiten.

Insights into Editorial: Is it time to review Section 377?

Is it time to review Section ? A review petition filed by Naz Foundation against the judgment was dismissed in But a curative petition is still pending before the top court. What is Section ? Prior to that, sexual activities, including amongst homosexuals, were not penalised in India.

The characterization and treatment of women is mixed in Shastras and Smriti texts of Hinduism.

Yes, India is plagued by a plethora of challenges today — corruption, fundamentalism, terrorism, conversions, moral degradation, lack of education, health issues, sanitation problems and so many more. But despite all these problems and threats, the top two — by a wide margin — would remain casteism and gender discrimination.

And till these two problems — that remain the primary causes of almost all our miseries of past and present — are eradicated from root, the hope of a glorious future would remain nothing more than hallucinations of an insane. In other words, a prosperous and powerful society cannot co-exist with casteism and gender-discrimination. Please note that casteism and gender-discrimination are not specifically Hindu issues. On contrary, they are more of cultural issues. Gender discrimination has been a global phenomenon for ages.

And casteism seems like a South Asian nuisance affecting all societies and religions that breed here. However Hinduism being the oldest culture and fountainhead of all other religions has to accept the blame of polluting the source.

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There are 3 major allegations on Manu Smriti:

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